Closet Therapy

If you find that getting dressed is a time-consuming event, you don’t even know what all is in your closet anymore or you are going through a life change, you need closet therapy!  It will give you a whole new perspective on your closet and make getting dressed gratifying, not stressful.

 We will decide which items to keep, which to alter and which to donate, as well as pair items and create outfits with items in your closet.

SHELL will inventory your items to be kept in your virtual closet for future use.

A closet kit that no closet should be without!


Keep your wardrobe fresh with the seasonal package. Adding key pieces (and deleting unnecessary ones) keeps your wardrobe brilliant and up to date.  But don’t worry, SHELL is there throughout the whole season with this offering to support you and your style needs!

We will update your closet with pieces for the current or upcoming season with a shopping trip! This shopping trip can take place virtually or in person.

1 additional outfit styled for you per month for the last-minute event that arises (for 3 months).

Your virtual closet will be updated with your new pieces.

You will be kept in the know with real time updates in your virtual closet with items that would work well for you while SHELL is out shopping.


Jet Setter

Love traveling but don’t love having to worry about what to wear? Or simply don’t have the time to worry about what goes in your bag when you go on vacation or travel for work?  Now, all of you have to do is toss your toiletries in your bag and walk out the door!

Your bag will be packed for you virtually or in home for a long weekend or a trip around the world!

SHELL will shop for additional pieces that need to be added to your wardrobe for your trip.

The Exclusive

Time is of the essence and you want to look good, year-round and stress free!

- 3 Seasonal packages: This includes everything the Seasonal package has to offer; 3 shopping trips, your virtual closet kept up to date, real time updates and an additional 3 outfits for a total of 12

- 3 Jet Setter Packages

- 1 Closet Therapy


*Custom offerings or by the hour by request.